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The City of Cologne

Cologne: Where Cool Meets Authentic

One of my favorite cities of all time is also one of the easiest to overlook. Is it a must-see? Probably not. Is it beautiful? Not particularly. Is it packed with sites? Eh, maybe a few. It’s kind of…

Someone sitting alone by a river

Dinner for One: The Truth About Moving Abroad Alone

I can hear the scraping of a broom but can’t see anyone, just blue, glittery static, unsure if my eyes are open or closed.  I sit, enjoying the cool surface beneath me. The static grows lighter and fades away. I’m…


Christmas Markets: Magical or Mediocre?

Now that we’re fully immersed in that awkward period after Christmas when the snow hasn’t yet melted away but our holiday cheer has, let’s take a moment to reminisce on the most wonderful time of the year. This post…