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The Beauty of Doing Nothing in Paris

Angela Carter once said that “Cities have sexes. London is a man, Paris is a woman, and New York is a well-adjusted transsexual.” There’s no doubt about it — Paris is svelte, sophisticated, captivating, provocative and drop-dead gorgeous…and she…


France: The Complete Package

What are you craving? Mountains? No problem. Ocean? Atlantic or Mediterranean? Take your pick. Or are you more of a city person? Start with Paris, or maybe quieter Lyon. Like to drink straight from the grape? Then head to Champagne…


A Fall Weekend in Champagne

The first thing you smell as you drive into Epernay, Champagne, is money, at least if you arrive from the north. The broad, chateau-lined sidewalks are made of large white stones that look like they’ve never seen a sole…