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Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way:
A 10-Day Itinerary

At the age of 12, my best friend and I had a serious conversation on the school playground that led to a decision: we would go on a trip, someplace far away. So we started saving, quarters and pennies…

Dinant Belgian Beer Tasting weeekend

Belgian Beer Bliss in Wallonia

I’ve never heard of a sweepstakes offering plane tickets to Belgium as the grand prize. No one is anti-Belgian of course — what’s there to hate? But Spain, Greece, France, Austria, Italy and a number of other countries fall…

Copenhagen: The Capital of Cool

As I explored Denmark’s capital by bike, I realized I was using the word “cool” with obnoxious frequency and couldn’t help but cringe at my lack of adjectives. But if there’s any city that merits such profuse usage, it’s…


Food & Friendliness in Maastricht

Maastricht is a small Dutch city of 120,000+ residents wedged between Germany and Belgium. It bears the architecture and atmosphere of both a small Belgian village and an elaborate Dutch city, with a twist of modernity. Built around the Meuse river…


A Norwegian Camping Trip

A two-week camping trip through Norway in summertime…there’s nothing better. Day 1: Fly to Bergen, rent a car & drive Day 2: Snøvegen route to Lærdalsøyri, then on to Jotunheimen National Park Day 3: Besseggen Ridge hike & Lom…


A Fall Weekend in Champagne

The first thing you smell as you drive into Epernay, Champagne, is money, at least if you arrive from the north. The broad, chateau-lined sidewalks are made of large white stones that look like they’ve never seen a sole…