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June 2016


Cruising the Croatian Coast: Split to Dubrovnik

Croatia: home of lazy, fish-fed cats, orange roofs and game-of-thrones-worthy coastlines. All of which we experienced on a mid-June boat trip from Split to Dubrovnik.…

yoga teacher training

Weird & Wonderful: A One-Month Yoga Training in India

I stared up at the ceiling as the howling laughter intensified around me — demonic cackles, warm chuckles and everything in between. Should I run? This was nuts. The girl next to me shook uncontrollably and tears rolled down her…


Friendly Folk, Mean Whiskey & Other Irish Staples

Journey to a place where music is a daily given, where sheep strike a pose and where green rules. Guinness flows like water, and conversation does too. Here, books are older than time, surpassed only by overgrown, forgotten roads.…


The Misfits of Crossroad Inn

In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 45-minutes from the Kazakh border, lies a compound run by a Japanese family whose gates only open to those at a crossroads. Travelers who find themselves within its walls are not swinging by for a night…