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April 2016

Railay Beach

Railay Beach: A Climber’s Escape

As the cliffs grew closer, we saw the outline of large, lithe creatures scurrying beneath the overhanging rock, their skin shiny and firm. I gasped as one fell, caught just feet above the sand by an attached rope, a…

Angkor ruins

Cambodia: Ancient & Easy

Think morning motorcycle rides and seafood on the beach. Though often overlooked, aside from the famed Angkor temples, Cambodia’s slow tempo, open spaces, solid infrastructure and friendliness, will win you over. Island hopping, ruin wandering and river floating are all on the itinerary,…

The Taj Mahal

Three “Must-sees” Worthy of the Hype

I have never laid eyes on the Mona Lisa, despite having visited Paris numerous times. My childhood home is 40 minutes from San Francisco, yet I have never stepped foot on the Golden Gate. In New York City, “Top…


If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk, these are the ones I’d invite to coffee. They’ve soaked up blood spilled by the Khmer Rouge, housed prisoners, hidden secrets, raised families, divided and protected. In each case, they reflect ourselves and our cultures back at…

The City of Cologne

Cologne: Where Cool Meets Authentic

One of my favorite cities of all time is also one of the easiest to overlook. Is it a must-see? Probably not. Is it beautiful? Not particularly. Is it packed with sites? Eh, maybe a few. It’s kind of…