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March 2016

Ladakh Feature

Ladakh: The Slower Side of India

Tibetan flags, weathered faces and muted colors greet you upon arrival. After a few weeks of moseying around Ladakh’s dusty mountains life takes on an addictive simplicity that steadies the pace, deepens the breath and slows the heart. The trip…


The Manali–Leh High(way)

Google Manali–Leh Highway and the first couple of hits you’ll find include and, the sort of websites whose hyperboles I tend to take with a grain of salt. As I noted the rusted underbellies of the vehicles…

Horse-drawn carriages in Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar: The Good, The Bad & The Paradoxical

“How was Myanmar?” Pause. Awkward pause. Four years on and I’m still not sure how to answer that question. The country? Beautiful. The locals? Welcoming. But the trip itself… Sometimes the stars align and you take a vacation where…


Varanasi in the Flesh

When I think of Varanasi I think of bodies. They’re everywhere, some living, some not. The shores of the river are where they gather. If the city had a heartbeat, the Ganges would be its source. The banks are alive. Corpses burn…