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February 2016


The Beauty of Doing Nothing in Paris

Angela Carter once said that “Cities have sexes. London is a man, Paris is a woman, and New York is a well-adjusted transsexual.” There’s no doubt about it — Paris is svelte, sophisticated, captivating, provocative and drop-dead gorgeous…and she…


“The Light” and Other Reasons to Visit Norway

The summer light in Norway is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s different. It’s a half awake, dreamy kind of light — soft, with a lazy hue. Blue at midnight, yellow at midday, but always fuzzy and indecisive. It…

Dinant Belgian Beer Tasting weeekend

Belgian Beer Bliss in Wallonia

I’ve never heard of a sweepstakes offering plane tickets to Belgium as the grand prize. No one is anti-Belgian of course — what’s there to hate? But Spain, Greece, France, Austria, Italy and a number of other countries fall…

Someone sitting alone by a river

Dinner for One: The Truth About Moving Abroad Alone

I can hear the scraping of a broom but can’t see anyone, just blue, glittery static, unsure if my eyes are open or closed.  I sit, enjoying the cool surface beneath me. The static grows lighter and fades away. I’m…