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January 2016

Luxembourg seasons

Seasons Change, and So Does Luxembourg

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but it might be fair to judge a place by its seasons. By popular demand, here is finally a post on Luxembourg, a tiny, often overlooked country that I have called…


Christmas Markets: Magical or Mediocre?

Now that we’re fully immersed in that awkward period after Christmas when the snow hasn’t yet melted away but our holiday cheer has, let’s take a moment to reminisce on the most wonderful time of the year. This post…

Warriors vs. Heat NBA game

The Other Beautiful Game

At first glance it’s all borderline absurd: the wait, the expense, the costumes, the music, the special effects and the scale. The line to get in started three hours in advance. Through the glass doors we could see smartly…


Istanbul: The End of the Road

Istanbul is the end of the road – the Silk Road namely – the point on the map where the East and West come to a head: symbolically, geographically and, in many ways, ideologically. It’s situated on the Bosphorus strait, which stretches…

Tomales Point landscape

California’s Wild Wild West, aka Tomales Point

“Avoid hiking at night. Mountain lions are nocturnal, humans are not,” said Google. Great. Few things are more humbling than basking in the beauty of California’s wild northern coast, but basking in its beauty after sunset might just qualify.…