The Silk Road: China to Kyrgyzstan

Myanmar: Places & (mostly) Faces

The Lost Travelers of Vang Vieng

    Casually Crooked County Kent & a Cambridge Afternoon

    Diving into southern English life for a weekend is like being tossed from white water into a lagoon. Unhurried locals stroll down mossy lanes, gliding through an all-consuming marine layer with relaxed expressions and friendly eyes. Smiles, chimneys, cobblestones and roads embrace their natural crookedness to a comical degree. If Kent had a county sport, it would certainly be ‘meandering.’

  • yerevan-armenia

    Journey to the Caucasus | Part 1: A Wisp of Armenia

    “Here’s where they train the stupid police,” our taxi driver informed us in angry, broken English. It was 3am and still dark. We were tired but curiosity and good manners won…

  • Packing

    Profile of a Bag

    Rollie backpack: nerd Monogramed luggage: princess REI pack: American Jack Wolfskin: German Lafuma: Frenchman Black suitcase: vacationer 55L rucksack: low-budget traveler Stereotyping sucks, but all of us do it — from…

  • Luang Prabang

    Laos: A Bite-sized Beauty

    A breeze even for the solo backpacker, Laos should be Southeast Asia’s welcoming station. While it lacks the highs of the greater region — Thailand’s cuisine, Cambodia’s temples, Vietnam’s coast and Myanmar’s authenticity — Laos…

  • Dubrovnik-city-center

    Cruising the Croatian Coast: Split to Dubrovnik

    Croatia: home of lazy, fish-fed cats, orange roofs and game-of-thrones-worthy coastlines. All of which we experienced on a mid-June boat trip from Split to Dubrovnik.…

  • Ireland-feature

    Friendly Folk, Mean Whiskey & Other Irish Staples

    Journey to a place where music is a daily given, where sheep strike a pose and where green rules. Guinness flows like water, and conversation does too. Here, books are older than…

  • Kyrgyzstan-Bishkek

    The Misfits of Crossroad Inn

    In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, 45-minutes from the Kazakh border, lies a compound run by a Japanese family whose gates only open to those at a crossroads. Travelers who find themselves within its…

  • Colmar-buildings

    The Postcard-Perfect Route des Vins d’Alsace

    What happens when two nations half-heartedly volley a region back and forth for centuries? A mutt is born. In this case, Alsace, where the food is not quite German, not quite French. Same goes…